5 Ways You Planted Hope in Africa

Trades of Hope recently partnered with women like you to provide 2,784 fruit trees to families in Africa!

In February, each time a woman invested $75 or more into the lives of international artisans by purchasing their handcrafted products, Trades of Hope provided a fruit tree to a family living in poverty.

You planted 2,784 seeds of hope that will empower families for generations!

Founder Gretchen Huijkens with Margaret - Trades of Hope Artisan in Africa

Here are the Top 5 Ways the Fruit Trees You Provided are Planting Hope for Families Living in Poverty!

#5 Shelter

Fruit trees such as avocado, papaya, and mango are just a few of the varieties that can survive and thrive on the fringe of the desert. Mature trees provide much-needed shade and shelter to families in these regions where most vegetation cannot survive.

#4 Nutrition

In a nation plagued by malnutrition, fruit trees provide precious nutrients to families during “Hunger Gaps” that often occur in Africa between harvest seasons. Families in remote villages do not have electricity or refrigeration to preserve fresh produce for long periods of time. Many fruit trees, such as papaya trees, produce fruit all year long in warm environments.

#3 Income

In seasons of plentiful harvests, families can sell their excess fruit and earn income to invest in other necessities such as healthcare. As a renewable and sustainable resource, fresh produce can provide money to pay for their children’s education, since schools are not free in most areas in Africa. Families can even use this income to purchase more fruit trees!

#2 Future Harvests

Families can save the seeds from current harvests to plant more fruit trees for future harvests! A single papaya fruit produces dozens of seeds. Imagine how many seeds a papaya tree can produce year after year! This provides families living in poverty with renewable sources of food for generations to come!

#1 Making a Real Impact on the Lives of Real Women

The #1 way you planted hope in February was through your fair-trade purchases!

Many of you partnered with Trades of Hope to provide 2,784 fruit trees to families in Africa. That made a direct impact on the lives of many families living in poverty.

Now What?

But now that February has come and gone… now what?

How can you and I continue to plant hope for families living in poverty – not only in Africa – but all over the world?

The #1 way to continue to make a direct impact on the lives of families living in poverty is to continue to shop fair trade. When you purchase Trades of Hope fair-trade products, you purchase products made by women who are working to help their families rise out of poverty. You are planting seeds of hope for women like Margaret.

Margaret - Trades of Hope Artisan in Africa

The Impact of a Single Seed

When illness brought Margaret to the brink of death, she feared what would happen to her little boy, Sam. As a single mother living in the slums of Uganda, she was already marginalized and vulnerable. In Africa, single moms like Margaret often become victims of oppression, AIDS, and extreme poverty. Margaret worried that her son would become an orphan. Unable to care for herself or her son, Margaret was desperate and alone. Until…

One woman planted a seed of hope in another woman’s life… and it continues to grow and multiply.

New Growth

Katie Davis Majors, the young founder of a local beading circle, took Margaret into her home and cared for her until she recovered. For over six months, Katie provided a safe place for Margaret to heal and prepare for a new life of purpose and growth. Over time… little by little… bead by bead… Margaret grew into a skilled artisan.

As an artisan, Margaret’s life has become both hopeful and fruitful. Margaret has discovered and cultivated her unique gifts and abilities that make her special and valuable to her community. One of the only English-speaking members of their community, Margaret gratefully “gives back” by helping as a translator.

Katie Davis Majors Teaches Women in Africa How to Become Artisans

Seeds of Hope

Margaret has become the voice of hope in the slums of Uganda as she shares her experience with other women, encouraging them to grow and cultivate their own gifts and abilities. Every time Margaret shares her story, she plants another seed of hope for future generations.

The fruit trees you provided will continue to multiply and produce more seeds for many years to come. Every single seed can impact a family for generations. Like the seeds of the fruit trees, one seed of hope can grow and multiply in a community for generations. Katie planted a single seed of hope in Margaret’s life – who planted many seeds of hope in the lives of other women in their community.

Will you be the one woman who planted a seed of hope in another woman’s life?

Trades of Hope is partnering to plant seeds of hope for women around the world.

You can plant seeds of hope for women rising out of poverty.

Kathy Thomas
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Kathy Thomas is an inspirational writer with a passion for helping women discover and celebrate their unique gifts and abilities. Kathy is part of the Communication Team at Trades of Hope focusing on Artisan Development.

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