Give Artisans in Haiti a Fighting Chance Against Breast Cancer

Who do you know who is battling breast cancer?

Chances are, her battle is your battle, too.

As a sisterhood…

one woman’s battle…

becomes every woman’s battle.

When we don’t know how to help our sisters who are battling breast cancer…

we often struggle with feelings of frustration, heartbreak, anger, and even guilt.

It’s tempting to give up trying to help because we can’t fix everything.

We ask ourselves…

“How can I possibly make a meaningful impact in her fight against breast cancer?” 

You can.

This October, Trades of Hope is offering you the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the fight against breast cancer for our sisters in Haiti. 

Real Women with Real Stories

Our Artisan partners in Haiti are real women with real names and real stories.

Without help, getting access to healthcare – including women’s cancer screenings – is a real battle for women in Haiti.

Denise, one of our Artisan partners in Haiti, recently shared how she and her fellow Artisans had a passion for reaching out to women in their community who were battling breast cancer.

“Five years ago, we had a group of four ladies we were trying to find ways to support through this journey. Their names were Melissa, Yvrose, Elisabeth, and Rose-Marie.

I volunteered to help in whatever ways I could. I saw them each week, as they walked through the gate to come get materials to work and try to earn some money for treatment, but mostly to support themselves and their family.

When they came here, they didn’t just come to work, but they also got to see each other and share with me their pain… and sadly, how they were getting worse every day. They were all sad because the doctor told them there was no hope for them. Their husbands abandoned them with their children. They were all working to try to save as much money as they could to leave something behind for their kids.”

Early detection can give her a fighting chance. In honor of BCA (Breast Cancer Awareness) Month and Artisans who've lost their battles with cancer, Trades of Hope is partnering to provide women's cancer screening exams for Artisans in Haiti.

“I tried to encourage them, but it wasn’t easy. It started to get more painful when Rose-Marie died. They not only knew about it, but then talked about how one of them would be next. I felt so bad because I knew there was absolutely nothing I could do more than to just be with them. 

I just wonder and question myself. If we came into their lives a little earlier, we might have saved them. They might have seen a doctor earlier and known they were sick – and been able to get treatment early. These children would still have a mother who was caring for them.   

It is so painful to know that you are dying, leaving your kids – your loved ones – behind and there is absolutely nothing, nothing, you can do about it – than just wait for your last day, knowing if only you had been able to see a proper doctor, you would have lived longer to see your kids and care for them.” 

One Woman’s Battle is Every Woman’s Battle

Trades of Hope is partnering to give Artisans in Haiti a fighting chance in their battles against breast and other women’s cancers. 

The W.H.O. reports nearly 32% of female cancer related deaths in Haiti are caused by breast, uterine, and cervical cancers.  

Due to poverty and limited access to cancer screenings, approximately 80 percent of women in Haiti seeking medical assistance receive their first cancer screening more than a year after they first realized something was wrong.* 

Working class women in rural communities are the least likely to have access to cancer screenings.* 

Without help, some of these women may never receive a cancer screening in their lifetime. 

Together, we can change that. 

Here’s How You Can Make an Impact

Trades of Hope is offering YOU three opportunities to make a direct impact on the fight against breast cancer. 

Opportunity #1

Fund Women’s Cancer Exams for Artisans in Haiti when you purchase our limited edition Valentía Bracelet.

Every time you purchase our limited edition Valentía Bracelet:

10% of the proceeds from your purchase will fund women’s cancer screening exams for our Artisan partners in Haiti. 

Opportunity #2

Support your sisters in their fight against breast cancer by funding the Pink Ribbon Girls Organization when you purchase our Triumphant Earrings.

Every time you purchase our Triumphant Earrings:

10% of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to the Pink Ribbon Girls Organization. 

Opportunity #3

Host a Party to GIVE others the chance to GIVE...
and GET DOUBLE the # of 1/2 Price Products!**

It’s simple. Host a Trades of Hope party October 1 – 31, 2019.


Gather Your Friends – Put out some simple snacks and drinks.


Try on fair-trade fashion, check out our home décor, and hear stories about the Artisans who create them.


Your Rewards

As a qualifying hostess, you ALWAYS GET REWARDS for doing good! ** 

But October 1 – 31, 2019 you EARN DOUBLE the # of 1/2 price items through your hostess rewards. **


DISCOUNTS on Your Favorite Trades of Hope Products! **

JOY of knowing you helped give women a fighting chance against cancer! 

Your Impact

You have the power to GIVE women a fighting chance against women’s cancer.  

RAISE AWARENESS about the need for early women’s cancer screenings by wearing and sharing fun and fashionable handcrafted PINK jewelry! 

RAISE FUNDS to help her fight her battle against cancer when you wear and share our Valentía Bracelet and Triumphant Earrings.

Valentía Bracelet

Your giveback will help fund potentially lifesaving women’s cancer screenings, including breast exams, for women like Melissa, Yvrose, Elisabeth, and Rose-Marie.

Triumphant Earrings

Your giveback will help provide healthy meals, housecleaning, transportation to treatment and peer support to individuals with breast and women’s reproductive cancers free of charge.

Imagine the comfort and relief a woman feels knowing she is either cancer-free… 


she has a fighting chance because her cancer was discovered early enough to still be treatable. 

You have the power to change lives. 

Will you empower her? 

Trades of Hope is partnering to give Artisans in Haiti a fighting chance against breast cancer.

You can partner to give Artisans a fighting chance against breast cancer.

Learn More About Gifts of Hope   

Learn More About Trades of Hope  

*Pulitzercenter. “Bringing Hope to Women with Cancer in Haiti.” Pulitzer Center, 19 June 2019, 

**Ask your Trades of Hope Partner or see website beginning 10.01.2019 for full details:

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