Inspire 2019 Celebration!

Because of you... There's Always Hope for Her!

Last weekend nearly 250 Trades of Hope Partners came together for an epic party that filled the Marriot World Center in Orlando, Florida with pom-poms, confetti, disco music, gift bags, brand new safari-inspired jewelry, accessories, and home décor, and of course… Hope for Her!

Inspire is our annual weekend event, hosted by Trades of Hope Home Team for our Partners, where they can receive free training and products while meeting other Partners and Artisans whose worlds they are changing!

Artisans Share Their Stories!

Our Partners also experienced the honor and privilege of meeting some of the Artisans they partner with from Haiti, Kenya, the Dominican Republic, North Asia, and Uganda!

Photo 1: Artisan Partners, Shirley (Left), Stephanie (Middle), and Shelley (Right) from Haiti, Photo 2: Artisan Partner, Katie from the Dominican Republic, Photo 3: Artisan Partner, Alain from Kenya, Photo 4: Artisan Partner, Virginia from North Asia, Photo 5: Artisan Partner, Sonia from Uganda

Celebrating Our Partners!

Trades of Hope is grateful for the hard work and dedication of all of our Partners! We celebrated our Top Leaders, Top Sellers, and more! Thank you, to everyone who worked so hard to make this past year a success!

Congratulations Top Leader and Top Seller, Stephanie Taylor!

Our Top Leader, Stephanie Taylor, was also this year’s Top Seller! Known as an overcomer with a missional mindset, she works consistently to make a meaningful impact in the lives of our artisan partners and their families. Congratulations, Stephanie! We are so proud of you!

Stephanie received a certificate of recognition for leadership excellence, as well as a beautiful handcrafted soapstone statue from Haiti of Emma, a Haitian mother holding her baby, to remind her every day of the meaningful impact she is making on the lives of mothers around the world.

Because of her faithfulness and perseverance, Stephanie earned a Gifts of Hope giveback that will help our Artisans in Guatemala build their businesses.

English lessons that can open new doors of opportunity for these women and their families will be given to our Artisan partners in Guatemala in her honor! As mothers pass this gift down to their children, her giveback has the potential to impact countless generations!

Because of her outstanding dedication and leadership, and consistently making a meaningful impact in the lives of our Artisan partners and their families, a Gifts of Hope giveback will also be given in her honor to fund the Good News School – a small Christian elementary school in one of the poorest areas of India – for an entire year!

5 for 5!

5 for 5 is a tradition at Inspire, when five of our best Sellers and five of our most inspiring Leaders share five minutes of tips with that helped them reach their top level status.

This year, our 5 for 5 Partners focused on helping their sisters create and maintain sustainable business for our Artisan partners around the world, through booking parties and sponsoring new Partners.

Trades of Hope Partners are always eager to share the secrets of their success and help their sisters dream BIG!

Friday night, Marie Ann Chouinard shared “Why we PaRtY!”, Lani Rodriguez gave tips for successful “Vendor Events”, Becky Williams helped everyone improve their “Ability to Schedule”, Krista Laskey reminded us all of the “Importance of Keeping it Simple”, and Spring Mingey encouraged us to choose “Belief: Faith over Fear!”

Saturday night, Susan Johnston shared “How to Use Sneak Peek Groups”, Kristin Wilkinson helped us respond to “She’s Expressed Interest, Now What?”, Loria Weidner coached us about “Getting Your New CE Started Strong”, Jenny Percic gave us tips on “Sponsoring with Hostess Rewards and Kit Coupons”, and Stephanie Taylor shared her secrets to “Working With Your New CE, You Choose How You Lead!”

Celebrating Our Sisters!

Trades of Hope is more than a business. We’re a sisterhood of women with a passionate desire to change the world for women and families who are rising out of poverty and human trafficking. Together, we shared their stories of hope, celebrated and encouraged each other, and went home truly Inspired!

Fashion Show!

Trades of Hope Partners who attended Inspire 2019 got an exclusive sneak peak at our new Fall 2019 line, Shades of the Savanna, that released to the public the following day!

Inspired by the landscapes and wildlife of the African savanna, our Fall 2019 line features handcrafted fair-trade jewelry, accessories, and home décor with on-trend earth-tones, animal prints, and feathers.

Our Shades of the Savanna collection is handcrafted by women overcoming poverty and human trafficking in seven countries, impacting families in seventeen communities across the globe.

Wardrobe Styling Tips with Designs of Hope!

Photo: Roxana, Trades of Hope’s Head of Product Development and Artisan Development (Right) shared some “How to Wear Shades of the Savanna” tips, along with Julie, our Senior Product Designer (Left).

World-class Training!

Milan Jensen, international speaker, mentor, and founder of Womenkind, passionately believes, “When women gather, magical things happen!”
At the peak of a successful career, she left the corporate world and embraced direct sales as her path to taking back control of her life.

Driven by her deep desire to help every woman “feel inspired and connected,  have success with significance, and be confident and free,” she founded a unique community to inspire women all over the world to share wisdom, love, and sisterhood.

Our Partners received world-class training on team building, selling, and storytelling from Milan Jensen in our morning and evening sessions!

Gifts of Hope!

We celebrated the many Gifts of Hope givebacks our Partners and Hostesses earned throughout this past year. From giving bikes to girls in Cambodia, so they can get to school safely, to giving chicks, fruit trees, and farm packs to families living in poverty, our Partners and Hostesses made a direct impact in communities all over the world! We are so proud of all of you!

Gift Bags and Prizes!

And of course, it wouldn’t be Inspire without gift bags and baskets filled with Trades of Hope products, exclusive gifts, and don’t forget the tissues and chocolate!


Our Founders always love getting to know our Partners on a more personal level! Elisabeth, Gretchen, and Holly enjoyed spending time with every one of you! Chelsie missed everyone so much, but sent her best wishes from home, as she awaits the arrival of the newest member of her family!

Home Team!

Home Team hosted the entire Inspire 2019 event, with Michelle coaching everyone in their positions!

Evey team member worked hard all year to give our Partners their very best, because you deserve it!

And we’re already working on Inspire 2020, so get your tickets and get ready for a big 10 Year Birthday Celebration!

Thank You, Trades of Hope Partners!

We would like to thank all of our amazing Trades of Hope Partners who have invested in the lives of women all over the world through your business partnership. You are doing so much more than just “selling” the products our Artisan partners create. You are giving women and families, who have no voices or opportunities to rise above poverty and oppression, real hope for better futures. We hope you felt appreciated and valued at Inspire 2019. We hope you created some great memories throughout the weekend… and we hope we captured some of those meaningful moments for you, so you can share your stories with other women, who are just waiting to be Inspired!

Together, your stories tell the world…

There’s Always Hope for Her!

Who do you know who needs to be Inspired?

Trades of Hope will celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary at Inspire 2020!

You’re invited to join us for Inspire 2020 in Orlando, Florida!

Become a Trades of Hope Partner!

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Kathy Thomas is an inspirational writer with a passion for helping women discover and celebrate their unique gifts and abilities. Kathy is part of the Communication Team at Trades of Hope focusing on Artisan Development.

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