How to Be a Part of International Women’s Day

“We don’t want to be dependent on a man,” they tell me. And I smile because, through our partnership, they are not! I’m standing in New Delhi, India surrounded by seven beautiful women in a bright red courtyard. Some of them are of young marrying age and some have wrinkles lining their faces. But even with blaring car horns and bustling streets just on the other side of the crimson wall, their voices crescendo above the noise in unison. “We are powerful. We know we are strong. Together, we can do anything!”

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate how far we’ve come in our fight for equality and recognize how much more work we have left to do. If you’re wondering how to be a part of International Women’s Day, how you can make a difference for women in desperate situations around the world, you’ve come to the right place.

I keep reliving that moment I had with our artisan partners in India. Meeting the women who make our Indian accessories in empowering working conditions humbled me, inspired me, and motived me. Right before my eyes, I saw what I’ve known to be true since founding Trades of Hope: Women can transform their lives when given the opportunity.

Now, if those women feel too far away, if helping women in India feels too outside of your reach, I want you to keep reading. Here’s how you can be a part of International Women’s Day:

1. Buy fair trade, woman-made products!

When you do this, you are supporting a woman in her business to be financially independent. But it’s not just about the money. Having that freedom allows her to be culturally considered equal to men. You can shop goods like fair trade jewelry, beauty products, and home décor. Did you know your grocery store even offers some fair-trade foods? We can’t buy everything fair trade yet, but there are a lot of areas in which we can!

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we just released our Sovereign Earrings!

They’re made by women who were rescued from brothels in North Asia. These statement earrings say, “I stand with her!” Click here to take a closer look!

2. Partner with these women, even from your home!

Our Compassionate Entrepreneurs partner with our artisans around the world. By sharing an artisan’s story online or amongst a group of friends, you empower her voice and potential. Our artisans earn a living wage, 3 to 6 times more than in less dignified jobs. And our Compassionate Entrepreneurs earn 25% every time they sell our ethically-made accessories. Are you interested? Learn more here. So much hope is on the horizon!

3. Support Empowering Organizations

We love nonprofits such as Girls Not Brides, who is fighting child marriages, and Women for Women International, an economic empowerment program. One of our Gifts of Hope partners is International Justice Mission, who is fighting human trafficking and rescuing women from slavery.

Does your reach still seem too small on this International Women’s Day? Can I ask just one thing of you?

Don’t underestimate your ability to bring hope to a woman in need. Yes, even you!

I believe you have a purpose and that there is a reason you found this article today.

I also know there are women around the world right now waiting for a woman like you to say, “Yes! I’ll empower her!” I know this because I’ve met those women, laughed with those women, and hoped with those women.

There is no better time than International Women’s Day to rise up for women around the world!

Elisabeth Huijskens
About Elisabeth Huijskens
Elisabeth is a founder of Trades of Hope and is passionate about empowering women to boldly reach their dreams, here at home and around the world. She loves meeting our artisan partners, traveling to new cultures, and binging Downton Abbey episodes with her matching redhead puppy.

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