Move Mountains for Survivors of Trafficking and Abuse

How do you move a mountain?

One stone at a time.

Face the Mountain

As the trending topics of human trafficking and abuse make their way into mainstream news, social media feeds, and more and more daily conversations, it’s tempting to become overwhelmed.

It’s tempting to start thinking that human trafficking and abuse are unmovable mountains that can never be conquered.

It’s tempting to think ordinary people like you and me can’t make an impact on these growing national and global epidemics.

But it is possible.

And it is happening.

Join Forces

When it seems impossible to completely eradicate human trafficking and abuse from every unjust corner of the world, we must focus on the positive impact we can make… using what we have… where we are.

As individuals, our impact often seems small and insignificant.
But what if we consistently and persistently chip away at the mountains of human trafficking and abuse… together?
What happens when hundreds… or thousands… or more… ordinary people like you and me… each removes a stone from the mountain?

Together, we can make a meaningful and significant impact on the lives of men, women, and children around the world who are victims of human trafficking and abuse. When ordinary people with willing hands, perseverance, and love for the people under the mountain join forces… we become a powerful force for good.

Raise Awareness

Annual events like National Human Trafficking Awareness Day help open people’s eyes and raise awareness about the reality and magnitude of human trafficking and abuse that’s happening all around us.

Trafficking in persons is modern-day slavery, involving victims who are forced, defrauded, or coerced into labor or sexual exploitation.

Events that raise awareness are vital to conquering the mountain of human trafficking and abuse. But as events come and go, then what?

Create Sustainable Solutions

For many women and girls in traditional rural villages of Guatemala, there’s no need for an annual holiday to raise awareness of the reality of human trafficking and abuse. For them, it’s a daily reality.

In a culture still steeped in discrimination against women, many families favor male children over female children. Girls must often beg on the streets to provide daily food for their families or care for younger siblings, instead of attending school. Some are even abandoned to fend for themselves or trafficked by family members.

While Guatemala’s government is slowly taking steps toward providing resources for neglected, abused, and trafficked women and girls, large scale efforts and government shelters are often underfunded, undertrained, and understaffed.

We must do what we can… with what we have…

where we are… with every opportunity. 

Trades of Hope is partnering to create sustainable solutions for neglected, abused, and trafficked girls in Guatemala. We partner to support a safe house where survivors can experience healing, hope, safe housing, education, counseling, job skills training, and more.

As the girls grow into young women, they’re offered safe jobs with fair wages as fair-trade Artisans.
Together, they create handcrafted jewelry and accessories, like our Red Valentía Bracelet.
Not only do they earn income to help them become financially independent, but they also receive counseling to help them manage their income and ensure sustainable futures without poverty.

Photo: Trades of Hope partners to support a safe house in Guatemala where girls like Elida can overcome poverty, trafficking, and abuse to become financially independent, as Artisans.

Rosaura’s Story of Hope

Rosaura came to the safe house nearly two years ago as a “poverty orphan” when her parents were unable to provide her with safe housing, food, or education. She lives with over one hundred other poverty orphans and survivors of neglect, abuse, and trafficking.

When asked what life was like for her in the safe house, Rosaura expressed gratitude for new friends like Ilma and Elida and for the growth, freedom, and power she now feels because of her experiences in the safe house.

“I’m more creative. I can think in a different way. I have goals. I’m independent and can take care of myself.”

“I can make jewelry.

Making bracelets is the best part.

It’s helping me earn money and achieve my goals.”

Rosaura dreams of learning English and traveling the world.

“I want to travel and speak English very well.”

Gifts of Hope, an outreach program of Trades of Hope recently sponsored Rosaura to give her the opportunity to attend English classes. Rosaura hopes this will help her communicate with international companies and expand her business skills.

Move the Mountain

How can you help?

Trades of Hope is offering you an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of neglected, abused, and trafficked girls in Guatemala. Our Red Valentía Bracelet helps support the safe house where Rosaura, Ilma, Elida, and over one hundred other poverty orphans and survivors of neglect, abuse, and human trafficking are overcoming their pasts and creating new futures for themselves, as independent businesswomen.

Every purchase of our Red Valentía Bracelet makes an impact on the fight against human trafficking and abuse. Each of us has an opportunity to do what we can… where we are… with what we have. Together we become a powerful force for good.

Sometimes mountain movers are just ordinary people

with willing hands, perseverance, and love for the people

who are trapped under the mountain.

Trades of Hope is partnering to fight human trafficking and abuse.

You can help move mountains for survivors of human trafficking and abuse.

Kathy Thomas
About Kathy Thomas
Kathy Thomas is an inspirational writer with a passion for helping women discover and celebrate their unique gifts and abilities. Kathy is part of the Communication Team at Trades of Hope focusing on Artisan Development.

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