Restoring Hope to Victims of Sex Trafficking

Meet Mae from North Asia

Mae is an artisan in Asia who makes jewelry for Trades of Hope. As a child, her parents forbade her to go to school. Her brothers could go to school, but her parents thought it was a waste of time and money for girls to get an education.

“When every semester started, I remember clearly that seeing the other kids go to school would always make me so sad; I could do nothing but hide myself and cry.

Whenever I was free, I would stand at the gate of the school trying to listen to what the teacher was saying. I admired those students. I hoped I could learn things like them one day.”

We don’t know the specifics of how Mae arrived in the brothels. Others in her situation boarded very long and overcrowded trains, not by choice. Their families sent them off to work and send money back to provide. They did not know this “work” would be sex trafficking! Can you imagine your own family tricking you into such a horrific situation?

Thankfully, someone approached Mae and the others with much more honorable intent. Someone willing to help them out of their nightmare. The rescued go to a shelter. For some, this is their first safe, sanitary environment with dependable food and care. They receive medical services provided by volunteer doctors. Many have significant medical needs, having had 5-10 abortions – not of their own choice.

Women of Dignity

Trades of Hope’s goal is to help these young women become empowered, independent women. We do this by creating sustainable jobs for their future. Training is available so they can learn how to read and write; both in their native language and English. Girls from ages 16-60 have learned to read for the first time in this program!

The job training is critical. Everyone starts in jewelry production and many advance to other fields. Some study accounting, photography, inventory and production management. Most of all, they are not viewed as trafficking victims. They are women with dignity who have incredible gifts to give the world and treated as such! In time, they also begin to see themselves in this way and come alive again.

Creators of Beauty

Mae never thought she would get the chance to study, especially as an adult. Since becoming an artisan, Mae’s pursued many opportunities she wouldn’t otherwise have. She’s learned how to read and write in her native language and is studying English and computers. Mae is very thankful for her amazing teachers,

Now, I realize that my dreams have come true. I never thought I would have the chance to study, especially for a woman at my age.”

This sustainability is possible when women in America support Trades of Hope. YOU can be part of redemptive stories such as Mae’s. Shop, host, or join Trades of Hope today to empower women out of brothels and other desperate situations.

Want to Learn More about Trades of Hope Artisans in North Asia?

You can help rescue women out of sex trafficking.

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