So Much to Celebrate!

This month, we celebrate Trades of Hope’s 9th birthday.

There is so much to celebrate!

First, we want to celebrate you as a customer, hostess or Partner. Without you none of the other amazing things could have even happened. Thank you for being on this journey with us!

We want to celebrate the strong, capable Artisans we work with in 16 different countries!

We have seen women be able to keep their children and even put them in school.

We have seen women get out of abusive situations and create new lives.

We have seen women learn to read and write and buy property to build homes.

We have seen smiles, laughter, love and bright futures!

The original mission of Trades of Hope was to help mothers keep their babies and care for their children well.

That is happening, but there is even so much more!

We want to celebrate our Sisterhood! An unexpected blessing of this business has been watching our Partners growing into a beautiful community where they support, encourage and celebrate each other.

Trades of Hope is simply a bridge that connects the Partners, customers, and Artisans.

It isn’t that we are just helping the Artisans.

They are helping us as well!

This is something that charity could never achieve.

It’s the connection of respect and appreciation shown on both sides that is so beautifully unique.

American women, as Partners, have been able to contribute to their family’s income.

While that is amazing, I believe, in an even more significant way, many have gained purpose, confidence, and lifelong friends.

Finally, I want to celebrate the dignified partnerships between Partners and Artisans.

I want to take this opportunity to once again say how thankful we are to you; our customers, hostesses, and Partners. No matter your level of involvement with Trades of Hope, we appreciate you. You are how this missional business works, so thank you!

This year, the coin purse we are gifting and our birthday cake have an adorable red bike on them. We chose this as we are so grateful that there is so much joy to be found on this Trades of Hope journey.

I sincerely hope that you have experienced some of this joy, and if you haven’t yet, we hope you do in the very near future. Here’s to your joyful journey!



THANK YOU for 9 world changing years!

Get your FREE Bicycle Coin Purse with any purchase 9/12 – 9/15/2019!

Gretchen Huijskens
About Gretchen Huijskens
Founder and CEO of Trades of Hope, Gretchen is passionate about helping mothers keep their children and for an end to modern day slavery.

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